Hi, my name is S, and I’m a 30-something writer / artist / educator / amateur cook / outdoorsy human living in the western United States.

I started this blog as a way to improve my life. After all, wordpress is cheaper than therapy (that’s a joke. OR IS IT?). I write about the things that matter most to me (or that I obsess over), such as: personal finance and money issues* that come with being a millennial who grew up poor; art and creativity; travel and moving and other nomadic life stuff; general introspective ramblings and life stuff; and probably some paranormal things as well, because my anxiety has convinced me that my apartment is haunted.

Feel free to use the contact form on my ‘Drop me a line’ page if you’d like to contact me about potential collaborations, writing or painting gigs, or podcast recommendations (Or your weird stories about strange shit you found in the woods. Those are good too.).


current grad student debt: $38,989.50 as of 2020.09.22

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*DISCLAIMER: please note that I am in no way actually qualified to talk about finance, so take everything you read on this site as being worth a grain of salt. Posts are just the results of my own personal “research” and decisions and should in no way be interpreted as professional financial advice. ALWAYS CONSULT A PROFESSIONAL, WHICH IS NOT ME!